Friday, May 12, 2017

Avoiding Thermal Shock!

HotSmart Plates are designed to absorb the tremendous thermal shock of absorbing enough heat in one single minute to remain hot for 1/2 hour, however you need to know...

Aside from dropping any plate on the floor, the easiest way of destroying it is by sudden changes of temperature:
Putting a plate on the fire or pouring cold water on a hot plate. everybody knows that (well almost everybody).

HotSmart® Plates  are InstaHot meaning they need one single minute preheating but because of their design using pre-Colombian technology, the Stefan-Boltzmann law and other tricks, they don't crack under normal use.

How do HotSmart® Plates get so hot in one single minute without cracking was maybe our main challenge but some people want it even hotter so a couple of tips:

1A) For most people (some report they don't even need the whole minute preheating), see below:

1B) Want it hotter? Preheat the empty plate for only 30 seconds and... Stop the microwave. wait about 10 seconds (count "Mississippis" or whatever) continue preheating but now 40- 45 seconds for a total preheating time of 1:15 or... 

2) Use the "Piping Hot" method, click link:

Will you please share this info? The sick and the elderly need these plates. I will really appreciate it.

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(Your parents will love a HotSmart it is an excellent, original present)