Monday, August 12, 2013

HotSmart Manufacturing Process- Upper Component

And the upper component is... drums...
A plate! Ta daa!

Yes, those are the good news and probably the main thing I want to communicate : A HotSmart®  is a plate with a heater and a base that encloses it.

Anybody making plates can make HotSmart Plates, the only plates in history that keep food hot.

As a matter of fact our first working HotSmart prototypes were made buying all kinds of different plates at Wal-Mart and simply adding them the heater and the base (You need to see previous posts).

Well, obviously I made some modifications later to:

  • Take full advantage of the Stefan-Boltzmann law
  • Avoid any risk of cracking
  • Create a better seal between the plate and the base
  • Center the heater in the cavity, ideally the heater should not touch the walls of the cavity
  • Create better surfaces for the type of adhesive used (That requires some explanation but is easy to do).
  • Etc. (I will keep posting anything that helps that is on my notes)

Please RT so we can mass produce them or promote manufacturing and above all lower our prices, will you?

See images of upper component below
(We need  a supplier for the USA market- we also license the technology)