Thursday, August 8, 2013

HotSmart Manufacturing Process - Base

Make 3 components, assemble them and you have the best ceramic plate in the world 

(You can even use your own beautiful designs slightly modified)

If you can make ceramic plates and a base like the one shown below (which is basically an small deep plate, then you can make plates that remain still HOT after more than half hour by simply preheating them in the microwave oven for as little as ONE single minute.The food will not get cold

By the way, a very important benefit is that by enjoying food slowly, mindfully you get satisfied with less food. HotSmart Plates allow you to enjoy slowly since food does not get cold. This is very important with the serious obesity problems we face almost all over the world, but I will let you research that by yourself; this is about manufacturing the best plates in the world, actually the only functional innovation to the ceramic plate in history.

It is inevitable that good restaurants adopt this type of plates; they will improve service and will save thousands in energy costs per year (They will no longer need those big plate warmers that are ON all day long). 

(under construction, I will update and post daily if I can)

Click the image to see how they work
Yes, I know what you are thinking; it can be made thinner as long as you follow certain guidelines (In later posts)

Will you please RT? We want to encourage manufacturing to lower the prices; many people love these plates but they are expensive (not mass produced yet).