Friday, August 2, 2013

HotSmart Manufacturing instructions - Line Of Products

There may still be some other minor details about the heater (microwave absorbing core) or rather possible variations of it; my intention is to publish everything a manufacturer needs to produce HotSmart products which are so simple to produce. Everything is designed around the heater and these are some considerations that need to be taken into account. All of this is in regard to the cavity, since the shape can vary. It is possible to make a round or square plate, a bowl, a mug, etc. 

How about something to keep the gravy hot?
(It is missing in the picture)
This Are Only Some HotSmart Products

This are some things that need to be taken
into account:
  • The mass or weight of the heater
  • The composition of the heater
  • The shape or form of the heater
  • The gaps in the cavity around the heater
  • The thicknesses of the upper and lower components (which are not uniform).  
  • Don't forget: there are many possible variations; I am sure every home will want a pitcher of some sort to keep gravy hot, even if used only on Thanksgiving dinner. 
Will you please RT?  We want to encourage manufacturing in order to lower the price (HotSmart plates are already available -but not mass produced-  in the USA at click here