Thursday, August 1, 2013

HotSmart Plates - Dimensions of the Heater

Many things were determined experimentally throughout some years, the same way as the Stefan-Boltzmann law was determined; the heater dimensions and composition may vary according to the application: A general purpose plate, a steak plate, a bowl, a gravy pitcher, a mug, a tortilla warmer, etc,

Click the image below to see how they work, etc.

Above an assortment of heaters for HotSmart Plates

For a general purpose 10.5" plate:
D = Diameter = 14- 14.5 cm.
d = diameter of hole = 1.0 cm.
T = Thickness at the center = 12- 14 mm
t = thickness ad the edge = 10 mm.

Everything is designed around the heater; I have made prototypes with many different plates I have purchased at WalMart. 

I will give you details of each component but I wanted to concentrate on the heater which by the way I developed (I'm the founder of HotSmart).

Please RT; remember that there is no catch except that we want to encourage manufacturing overseas (and lower the price to the public)..

A license is required for the USA

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